Saturday, October 24, 2009

what do the medical dosage terms bid and qid mean?

Bis in diem: twice daily.
Quater in diem: four times daily.
Medical people almost always get those right but this one wrong: the Latin for "daily" is o.d. (omni diem), and there is no meaning for the common error "q.d." except to show your linguistic shortcomings. There are full-page, four-color drug ads with this bit of ignorance prominently displayed, and they drive me to distraction.
bid = twice a day
qid = 4 times a day
Medical terminology isn't that hard for everyone to know. And I hope you look into learning about it.
BID - Two times a day ( B as in Bi = two)
QID - Four times a day (Q as in Quad = four)
PO - By Mouth
NPO - Nothing by Mouth
Q - Every
QD - Every Day
These are just some simple basic abbreviations.
BID stands for twice daily and QID means 4 times daily.

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